Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Oh, lovelies

It has been more than two years since I have posted, which is so very, very weak of me. If it weren't for Jill, I probably wouldn't ever write at all. Amusingly enough, since my last post, my Darling Husband has (as promised long ago, he's never been a jerk about this) opted for birth control of the delightfully permanent variety. For those of you who haven't already clicked that link, you should know that it's probably NSFW. For those of you who did -- sorry. (: That'll learn ya!


Anyhow, I've managed to accomplish a little bit more in the past two years than just insure my child's sole inheritance of all my worldly goods. I moved closer to my folks, went back to school, went back to work, bought a home, moved again, and then was finally reunited with my husband when he came home from Iraq by way of Texas, and got out of the Army.