Thursday, November 09, 2006

Half-full or half-creepy?

So I keep falling into this cycle: stay up late writing, go to bed just before the sun rises, feel like sewage all day long. I bet you're guessing today is no exception. And you know what? That sort of deductive reasoning is what separates weaktoast blog readers from the chaff. Last night, right about two-thirty a.m., I was starting to feel guilty about a couple things. The first was that I hadn't accomplished much on the novelling front. The second was that I also had not gone to bed. Frankly, I accomplished nothing much yesterday, other than writing up a pretty in-depth critique on a poem or two and posting a rather thoughtful journal on a different website. Just this morning I pimped this out on myspace, so hello to any new readers I might have.

Enough, I had a point. Remember? When I started, this blog was about not getting enough sleep.

So at 2:30, just when I was thinking about going to bed, my kid awoke from a nightmare. If there's one thing I did right in my childrearing as of yet, I managed to have a kid who only has nightmares when I am still awake. This is great, because my computer desk is a mere six and a half feet from her doorway. I've since moved said desk away from the litterbox and into the livingroom, because I'd rather smell a clean fishtank than a litter box, even when it gets seen to every day.

In my family, the secret to ending nightmares is to go to the bathroom. Have a bad dream, pee, and return to blissful, terror-free slumber. I'm grateful that my parents figured this out with my sleepwalking brother. (Hi Nate.)

This morning, while my husband was at PT, she awoke again. Because I'd stayed awake for another hour after the nightmare episode, I was not keen on getting out of bed at 6am. Fortunately for me, she was't fully committed either so she crawled into bed with me and fell asleep. Here's where things get weird.

At about 8:35 I opened one eye partway to see my husband taking pictures of us with his cellphone. As my daughter was still dead to the world and I still wished I was, I closed the eye and pretended that I just needed to pee. I fell back asleep and only recalled this episode after awakening from my afternoon nap (haha), which I took while my daughter watched Shrek for the eighth time this week.

So you tell me, is this cute? or sort of creepy?


Blogger okmijn said...

yeah, i'm going with cute in a creepy way.

3:17 PM  
Blogger JON said...

what, that's adorable, I'd totally get a picture. nerd. it'd be creepy if it was the mailman, with or without one of your bras on over his shirt.

1:30 AM  
Blogger said...

HAHA o jon...mailman.

yeah it's sorta cute. i think the cellphone aspect makes it creepy. i mean, i can imagine the hubby at PT the next day being like LOOK AT ME WIFEY AND THE KID!

but i bet you were cute. better yet, get him to send those pics to me. he probably has my number in case we turn lesbian on him.

in my family, the solution to nightmares was always EMILY THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS (insert scary phenomena of the month) YOU ARE TOO BIG TO SLEEP IN OUR BED PLEASE GO BACK TO SLEEP. and then i'd cry and sleep on the floor.

eventually i became a lucid dreamer and solved all nightmares by letting the bad guy get me. then i'd wake up and be like HAHA I WIN. and then be scared and read cricket. remember that magazine?

i love weaktoast. i should start a counterblog called burnedtoast. then i'd have way too much to do. oh dear. someone put me to bed.

10:37 PM  
Blogger JON said...


go to bed > : |

11:21 PM  

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